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gene_id species strand chr type
AUR62018209 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2048 coding
AUR62036331 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2079 coding
AUR62038696 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1843 coding
AUR62032034 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_3796 coding
AUR62015297 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2751 coding
AUR62019879 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1480 coding
AUR62007013 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1971 coding
AUR62019878 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1480 coding
AUR62018208 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2048 coding
AUR62030687 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2000 coding
AUR62001820 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2716 coding
AUR62009606 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2493 coding
Carubv10010719m.g cru + scaffold_1 coding
Carubv10018294m.g cru - scaffold_5 coding
Carubv10024384m.g cru - scaffold_4 coding
Carubv10027423m.g cru + scaffold_8 coding
Carubv10018191m.g cru + scaffold_5 coding
Carubv10010716m.g cru - scaffold_1 coding
Carubv10018293m.g cru - scaffold_5 coding
Cucsa.074260 csa - scaffold00785 coding

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