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gene_id species strand chr type
C.cajan_29265.g ccaj - Scaffold137859 coding
C.cajan_19770.g ccaj - CcLG01 coding
Cc01_g12050 ccan + chr1 coding
Cc06_g02860 ccan + chr6 coding
Cc02_g08670 ccan - chr2 coding
Cc02_g08090 ccan - chr2 coding
Cc01_g12520 ccan - chr1 coding
Cc01_g12010 ccan + chr1 coding
Ciclev10013183m.g ccl + scaffold_6 coding
Ciclev10029643m.g ccl + scaffold_8 coding
Ciclev10009994m.g ccl - scaffold_1 coding
Ciclev10029640m.g ccl - scaffold_8 coding
Cla005035.g cla + Chr3 coding
Cla016413.g cla + Chr11 coding
Cla013290.g cla + Chr2 coding
Cla006624.g cla + Chr11 coding
Cla013292.g cla + Chr2 coding
Cla013291.g cla + Chr2 coding
Cla013289.g cla + Chr2 coding
MELO3C019997 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00040 coding

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