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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Brara.H01421 bra + A08 No
Brara.I01106 bra + A09 No
Carubv10007069m.g cru + scaffold_7 No
Carubv10015581m.g cru + scaffold_3 No
Carubv10015855m.g cru + scaffold_3 No
Carubv10015923m.g cru + scaffold_3 No
Ca_22748.g car + Ca7 No
THA.LOC104803481 tha - NW_010971389.1 No
THA.LOC104804488 tha - NW_010971389.1 No
THA.LOC104814670 tha - NW_010965451.1 No
THA.LOC104814673 tha - NW_010965451.1 No
THA.LOC104814674 tha - NW_010965451.1 No
Tp3g32440 spa + ch3-6 No
Tp3g32470 spa + ch3-6 No
Tp7g27990 spa - ch7-5 No
Tp7g28000 spa - ch7-5 No

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