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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AH020194 ahy - Scaffold_13 No
AL2G16690 aly + scaffold_2 No
AT1G60000 ath - Chr1 No
ATR0665G535 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00002 No
AUR62015243 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2751 No
AUR62018041 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2048 No
Achn365501 ach - Chr1 No
Araip.41SX1 aip - Araip.B09 No
Bo9g045280 bol + C9 No
Bo9g048740 bol - C9 No
Brara.I01575 bra + A09 No
Bv_006660_jkai bvu - 0161.scaffold00473 No
C.cajan_02744.g ccaj - CcLG11 No
COL.COLO4_15969 col + AWUE01015848.1 No
Ca_20443.g car - Ca4 No
Carubv10020814m.g cru + scaffold_2 No
Cc03_g06360 ccan + chr3 No
Ciclev10005487m.g ccl + scaffold_9 No
Cla021482.g cla - Chr5 No
Cpa.g.sc59.2 cpa + supercontig_59 No

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