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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Carubv10007699m.g cru + scaffold_7 No
Cc03_g11030 ccan - chr3 No
Cc03_g16320 ccan - chr3 No
Ciclev10010893m.g ccl - scaffold_6 No
Cla005494.g cla - Chr9 No
Cpa.g.sc34.42 cpa - supercontig_34 No
Cucsa.239810 csa - scaffold02046 No
DCAR_001249 dca - DCARv2_Chr1 No
Eucgr.K02348 egr - Chr11 No
FVE18510 fve + LG7 No
GSVIVG01014992001 vvi + chr11 No
Glyma.08G148300 gma - Chr08 No
Glyma.15G212800 gma + Chr15 No
Gorai.008G189300 gra - Chr08 No
HBR2459G054 hbr - NW_018745743.1 No
LOC_Os03g21080 osa + Chr3 No
MDO.mRNA.g.1219.3 mdo - Backbone_1219 No
MDO.mRNA.g.1219.4 mdo - Backbone_1219 No
MDO.mRNA.g.5023.17 mdo + Backbone_5023 No
MDO.mRNA.g.5023.19 mdo + Backbone_5023 No

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