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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AH021949 ahy + Scaffold_15 No
AL727U10010 aly + scaffold_727 No
AL7G38710 aly + scaffold_7 No
AT4G16340 ath - Chr4 No
ATR0068G076 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00119 No
AUR62022352 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_3163 No
AUR62034357 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2389 No
Achn206301 ach - Unknow No
Achn206321 ach - Unknow No
Araip.59YT6 aip + Araip.B05 No
Bo1g054880 bol + C1 No
Brara.A01917 bra + A01 No
Bv7_162790_awaf bvu + Bvchr7.sca005 No
C.cajan_36319.g ccaj + Scaffold134207 No
C.cajan_36329.g ccaj + Scaffold134207 No
C.cajan_36331.g ccaj + Scaffold134207 No
C.cajan_39504.g ccaj + Scaffold137559 No
CAN.G68.16 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold68 No
COL.COLO4_11259 col + AWUE01014659.1 No
Ca_15757.g car - Ca7 No

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