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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00060141 pab - MA_8908766 No
PGSC0003DMG400004582 stu + ST4.03ch12 No
PGSC0003DMG400011905 stu + ST4.03ch09 No
PGSC0003DMG401012338 stu + ST4.03ch08 No
Pbr009169.1.g pbr - scaffold158.0 No
Pbr018178.1.g pbr + scaffold270.0 No
Pbr031117.1.g pbr + scaffold545.0 No
Pbr031289.1.g pbr - scaffold550.0 No
Pbr041342.1.g pbr + scaffold932.0 No
Peaxi162Scf00008g02216 pax + Peaxi162Scf00008 No
Peaxi162Scf00020g00522 pax + Peaxi162Scf00020 No
Peaxi162Scf00119g00949 pax - Peaxi162Scf00119 No
Peaxi162Scf00286g00449 pax - Peaxi162Scf00286 No
Peaxi162Scf00378g00620 pax + Peaxi162Scf00378 No
Potri.001G103100 ptr - Chr01 No
Potri.002G160500 ptr + Chr02 No
Potri.002G232200 ptr + Chr02 No
Potri.003G128500 ptr + Chr03 No
Potri.014G085300 ptr + Chr14 No
Potri.014G150000 ptr - Chr14 No

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