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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Manes.01G256100 mes - Chromosome01 No
Manes.02G020000 mes + Chromosome02 No
Manes.05G033700 mes - Chromosome05 No
Manes.06G032400 mes + Chromosome06 No
Manes.11G113700 mes + Chromosome11 No
Mapoly0014s0134 mpo + scaffold_14 No
Medtr1g116953 mtr + chr1 No
Medtr6g463340 mtr - chr6 No
Medtr7g077800 mtr + chr7 No
Medtr7g405780 mtr - chr7 No
Medtr8g030680 mtr - chr8 No
Migut.B01760 egut + scaffold_2 No
Migut.E01088 egut - scaffold_5 No
Migut.N00438 egut + scaffold_14 No
Migut.N01450 egut - scaffold_14 No
NNU_08668 nnu - megascaffold_8 No
NNU_21255 nnu - megascaffold_1 No
PAB00029023 pab - MA_180629 No
PAB00039982 pab - MA_390984 No
PAB00056836 pab - MA_8244032 No

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