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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GSVIVG01026938001 vvi - chr15 No
GSVIVG01031676001 vvi + chr5 No
Glyma.01G220400 gma + Chr01 No
Glyma.03G008600 gma - Chr03 No
Glyma.03G112500 gma - Chr03 No
Glyma.06G191600 gma + Chr06 No
Glyma.07G069900 gma - Chr07 No
Glyma.08G360900 gma - Chr08 No
Glyma.09G259000 gma - Chr09 No
Glyma.10G297400 gma + Chr10 No
Glyma.11G023300 gma - Chr11 No
Glyma.18G233600 gma + Chr18 No
Glyma.18G300700 gma + Chr18 No
Glyma.20G248600 gma + Chr20 No
Gorai.001G169100 gra + Chr01 No
Gorai.003G158200 gra - Chr03 No
Gorai.004G158800 gra - Chr04 No
Gorai.004G212600 gra + Chr04 No
Gorai.005G128500 gra - Chr05 No
Gorai.007G099700 gra - Chr07 No

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