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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CAN.G78.84 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold78 No
COL.COLO4_10186 col - AWUE01014404.1 No
COL.COLO4_12719 col - AWUE01014940.1 No
COL.COLO4_34477 col + AWUE01022398.1 No
Ca_06200.g car + Ca3 No
Ca_13745.g car - Ca7 No
Ca_14010.g car + Ca4 No
Ca_22218.g car - Ca6 No
Carubv10008675m.g cru + scaffold_1 No
Carubv10008828m.g cru + scaffold_1 No
Carubv10021480m.g cru - scaffold_2 No
Carubv10022926m.g cru - scaffold_4 No
Cc02_g38090 ccan + chr2 No
Cc03_g10520 ccan + chr3 No
Cc08_g14830 ccan + chr8 No
Cc08_g14840 ccan + chr8 No
Ciclev10019598m.g ccl - scaffold_3 No
Ciclev10019661m.g ccl - scaffold_3 No
Ciclev10019670m.g ccl + scaffold_3 No
Cla001232.g cla + Chr6 No

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