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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bo8g118000 bol - C8 No
Bo9g035410 bol - C9 No
Brara.D02607 bra - A04 No
Brara.E00334 bra - A05 No
Brara.H02987 bra - A08 No
Brara.I01385 bra - A09 No
Brara.I05635 bra + A09 No
Brara.J00031 bra + A10 No
Bv1_004550_iyof bvu - Bvchr1.sca001 No
Bv5_112390_dmpm bvu + Bvchr5.sca017 No
Bv6_137570_fhdy bvu + Bvchr6.sca004 No
C.cajan_08016.g ccaj + CcLG02 No
C.cajan_13210.g ccaj + CcLG06 No
C.cajan_18268.g ccaj + CcLG07 No
C.cajan_19107.g ccaj - CcLG07 No
C.cajan_20733.g ccaj + CcLG01 No
CAN.G116.10 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold116 No
CAN.G2157.1 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold2157 No
CAN.G710.36 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold710 No
CAN.G774.54 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold774 No

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