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gene_id species strand chr outlier
THA.LOC104803438 tha - NW_010960188.1 No
THA.LOC104817025 tha + NW_010965869.1 No
THA.LOC104817964 tha - NW_010960187.1 No
THA.LOC104826187 tha + NW_010967707.1 No
TPR.G15618 tpr + Tp57577_TGAC_v2_LG6 No
TPR.G27716 tpr - Tp57577_TGAC_v2_scaf_852 No
TPR.G37824 tpr - Tp57577_TGAC_v2_LG6 No
TPR.G39972 tpr + Tp57577_TGAC_v2_scaf_37529 No
TPR.G8890 tpr - Tp57577_TGAC_v2_LG1 No
Tp1g00670 spa + ch1-1 No
Tp1g04630 spa + ch1-1 No
Tp2g00960 spa - ch2-1 No
Tp4g25200 spa - ch4-6 No
UGI.Scf00036.4084 ugi + Scf00036 No
UGI.Scf00038.4240 ugi - Scf00038 No
UGI.Scf00040.4374 ugi + Scf00040 No
UGI.Scf00196.11204 ugi - Scf00196 No
UGI.Scf00326.21246 ugi + Scf00326 No
Vradi04g11540 vra + Vr04 No
Vradi08g23290 vra + Vr08 No

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