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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Migut.F01500 egut - scaffold_6 No
C.cajan_25875.g ccaj + Scaffold132622 No
Manes.07G114900 mes + Chromosome07 No
Pp3c12_11030 ppa + Chr12 No
Cpa.g.sc1.397 cpa + supercontig_1 No
AT3G04020 ath + Chr3 No
Mapoly0002s0030 mpo + scaffold_2 No
MDO.mRNA.g.706.21 mdo + Backbone_706 No
AUR62041862 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1208 No
Bv2_037580_kgso bvu - Bvchr2.sca011 No
AUR62038352 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1034 No
ZJU.LOC107413528 zju + NC_029681.1 No
Tp3g03000 spa + ch3-1 No
TCA.TCM_042786 tca - NC_023616.1 No
GSVIVG01016535001 vvi - chr13 No
Achn007321 ach + Chr3 No
AUR62041861 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_1208 No

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