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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Pbr038969.1.g pbr - scaffold820.0 No
Mapoly0044s0040 mpo + scaffold_44 No
Ciclev10023247m.g ccl - scaffold_3 No
Glyma.08G364500 gma + Chr08 No
PGSC0003DMG400016297 stu - ST4.03ch06 No
Pbr038948.1.g pbr + scaffold820.0 No
Glyma.19G073500 gma + Chr19 No
Potri.019G096500 ptr - Chr19 No
Medtr7g091060 mtr + chr7 No
Carubv10024467m.g cru - scaffold_4 No
Peaxi162Scf00579g00018 pax - Peaxi162Scf00579 No
Manes.08G010900 mes + Chromosome08 No
Potri.019G096700 ptr - Chr19 No
PAB00022214 pab - MA_13321 No
Prupe.4G204500 ppe - Pp04 No
Brara.E00380 bra - A05 No
RCO.g.48822.000001 rco - 48822 No
THA.LOC104802329 tha - NW_010970490.1 No
Pbr033678.1.g pbr - scaffold62.0 No
Pp3c9_12740 ppa + Chr09 No

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