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gene_id species strand chr outlier
C.cajan_42679.g ccaj - Scaffold135229 No
AUR62020958 cqu - C_Quinoa_Scaffold_4257 No
Cpa.g.sc49.56 cpa + supercontig_49 No
Manes.02G175600 mes + Chromosome02 No
MDO.mRNA.g.2410.6 mdo + Backbone_2410 No
Cpa.g.sc49.59 cpa + supercontig_49 No
UGI.Scf00018.2409 ugi - Scf00018 No
PAB00027888 pab - MA_174429 No
Glyma.04G240400 gma - Chr04 No
CAN.G744.14 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold744 No
THA.LOC104810036 tha - NW_010960187.1 No
AL2G37320 aly + scaffold_2 No
Peaxi162Scf00263g00417 pax + Peaxi162Scf00263 No
MDO.mRNA.g.2410.7 mdo + Backbone_2410 No
Cpa.g.sc49.57 cpa + supercontig_49 No
Achn120831 ach - Chr4 No
Bo6g082230 bol + C6 No
Medtr3g090170 mtr + chr3 No
PAB00062221 pab + MA_9252668 No
AH006554 ahy - Scaffold_4 No

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