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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Araip.TSB39 aip + Araip.B10 No
Tp5g32320 spa + ch5-7 No
Glyma.06G123000 gma + Chr06 No
Achn290281 ach + Chr21 No
MELO3C008406 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00008 No
Ciclev10000721m.g ccl + scaffold_5 No
Prupe.8G019800 ppe + Pp08 No
Cucsa.077050 csa - scaffold00791 No
Bo2g092310 bol + C2 No
Vradi0183s00370 vra - scaffold_183 No
Pbr039391.2.g pbr + scaffold84.0 No
SMO118G0298 smo + scaffold_11 No
HBR0593G036 hbr - NW_018746443.1 No
LOC_Os02g24134 osa - Chr2 No
COL.COLO4_03835 col + AWUE01010708.1 No
PAB00015110 pab - MA_10435658 No
Bo6g083430 bol - C6 No
Cre07.g333950 cre + chromosome_7 No
TCA.TCM_035451 tca + NC_023618.1 No
Pp3c18_21360 ppa + Chr18 No

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