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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Peaxi162Scf00679g00213 pax - Peaxi162Scf00679 No
DCAR_014842 dca + DCARv2_Chr4 No
GSVIVG01034199001 vvi - chr8 No
THA.LOC104806054 tha + NW_010961743.1 No
Medtr7g073075 mtr + chr7 No
LOC_Os12g01020 osa - Chr12 No
C.cajan_13554.g ccaj + CcLG10 No
Gorai.001G108600 gra - Chr01 No
Brara.E03087 bra - A05 No
PGSC0003DMG400011060 stu + ST4.03ch10 No
DCAR_017876 dca + DCARv2_Chr5 No
Tp3g07830 spa + ch3-1 No
Peaxi162Scf00009g02023 pax - Peaxi162Scf00009 No
C.cajan_41841.g ccaj + Scaffold000235 Yes
CAN.G661.6 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold661 No
Araip.8I0RX aip - Araip.B03 No
HBR2349G002 hbr + NW_018746301.1 No
Eucgr.K03147 egr + Chr11 No
Cla008257.g cla - Chr3 No
FVE14147 fve + LG3 No

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