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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bo5g139260 bol - C5 No
Peaxi162Scf00009g02017 pax - Peaxi162Scf00009 Yes
Mapoly0005s0035 mpo - scaffold_5 No
Cpa.g.sc190.8 cpa + supercontig_190 No
Araip.57MS8 aip + Araip.B06 No
LOC_Os05g41300 osa + Chr5 Yes
COL.COLO4_14831 col + AWUE01015464.1 No
MDO.mRNA.g.2876.16 mdo + Backbone_2876 No
Medtr7g099710 mtr + chr7 No
Cc06_g02820 ccan + chr6 No
Gorai.002G258600 gra + Chr02 No
Prupe.6G252300 ppe - Pp06 No
Migut.J00345 egut + scaffold_10 No
Ca_02605.g car + Ca1 No
AL4G23310 aly - scaffold_4 No
Glyma.13G334600 gma - Chr13 No
ATR0559G229 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00012 No
Cucsa.213750 csa + scaffold01543 No
Peaxi162Scf00009g02110 pax - Peaxi162Scf00009 No
COL.COLO4_14833 col + AWUE01015464.1 No

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