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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Mapoly0039s0105 mpo - scaffold_39 No
RCO.g.30025.000021 rco + 30025 No
PGSC0003DMG400008846 stu + ST4.03ch09 No
Cc01_g12590 ccan - chr1 No
Solyc10g084720.1 sly - SL2.50ch10 No
TCA.TCM_021963 tca + NC_023621.1 No
MDO.mRNA.g.4254.1 mdo + Backbone_4254 No
PGSC0003DMG400000403 stu + ST4.03ch11 No
SMO340G0115 smo + scaffold_9 No
Pbr017681.1.g pbr - scaffold262.0 No
Migut.A00597 egut - scaffold_1 No
Migut.J00344 egut + scaffold_10 No
MDO.mRNA.g.4378.4 mdo - Backbone_4378 Yes
ATR0559G166 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00012 No
AUR62001818 cqu + C_Quinoa_Scaffold_2716 No
MDO.mRNA.g.5373.3 mdo - Backbone_5373 No
Potri.006G082000 ptr + Chr06 No
SMO199G0110 smo - scaffold_44 No
LOC_Os11g01030 osa - Chr11 No
Glyma.15G039900 gma + Chr15 No

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