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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GSVIVG01019744001 vvi - chr2 No
DCAR_015966 dca + DCARv2_Chr4 No
GSVIVG01003590001 vvi - chrUn No
Pp3c9_1280 ppa - Chr09 Yes
Potri.014G085300 ptr + Chr14 No
Pp3c12_2120 ppa + Chr12 No
GSVIVG01031676001 vvi + chr5 No
Araip.G2WG5 aip - Araip.B04 No
DCAR_005534 dca - DCARv2_Chr2 No
Bo4g018560 bol - C4 No
Medtr6g463340 mtr - chr6 No
Potri.002G232200 ptr + Chr02 No
Peaxi162Scf00119g00949 pax - Peaxi162Scf00119 No
Pp3c15_1670 ppa + Chr15 No
SMO115G0005 smo - scaffold_14 No
LOC_Os01g68620 osa + Chr1 No
Bv6_137570_fhdy bvu + Bvchr6.sca004 No
UGI.Scf00326.21246 ugi + Scf00326 No
Carubv10022926m.g cru - scaffold_4 No
Brara.J00031 bra + A10 No

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