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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Zm00001d042378 zma - 3 No
PGSC0003DMG400011904 stu + ST4.03ch09 Yes
Araip.SF21Z aip + Araip.B04 No
Glyma.04G022600 gma + Chr04 No
Brara.I01385 bra - A09 No
AL1G15750 aly + scaffold_1 No
Tp1g00670 spa + ch1-1 No
Ca_14010.g car + Ca4 No
Brara.E00334 bra - A05 No
THA.LOC104826187 tha + NW_010967707.1 No
C.cajan_19107.g ccaj - CcLG07 No
Ca_13745.g car - Ca7 No
Eucgr.H02617 egr + Chr08 No
Glyma.08G360900 gma - Chr08 No
Pp3c3_2740 ppa + Chr03 No
PGSC0003DMG401012338 stu + ST4.03ch08 No
TPR.G37824 tpr - Tp57577_TGAC_v2_LG6 No
Potri.001G103100 ptr - Chr01 No
PAB00060141 pab - MA_8908766 No
Vradi08g23290 vra + Vr08 No

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