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gene_id species strand chr outlier
FVE31263 fve - LG3 Yes
FVE31243 fve - LG3 No
FVE05096 fve - LG4 No
FVE31247 fve - LG3 No
FVE14357 fve - LG3 No
FVE00313 fve - unanchored No
FVE35191 fve - LG1 Yes
FVE31246 fve - LG3 No
FVE00336 fve - unanchored No
FVE29009 fve - LG4 No
FVE31245 fve - LG3 No
FVE31244 fve - LG3 No
FVE02396 fve + LG3 No
FVE17712 fve - LG6 No
FVE20558 fve + LG1 Yes
FVE31242 fve - LG3 No
FVE00309 fve - unanchored No
FVE02393 fve + LG3 No
FVE00337 fve - unanchored No
FVE05094 fve - LG4 No

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