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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.

Multiplicon Information

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
597241 2 2 8 52

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Gene Information

Gene Family Information


Draw mode Segment ordering Species
Species Chromosome First Gene Last Gene
Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_1 AL1G16080 AL1G15700
Ziziphus jujuba NC_029685.1 ZJU.LOC107422098 ZJU.LOC107422170

This multiplicon is flagged redundant, therefore no profile search was performed.
To explore additional colinear regions, view the non-redundant multiplicon(s) in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
34460 9 16 7 21