Selection of genes

Index of genes with 3 constraints:
  • gene family : HOM03M000010
  • species : ptr
  • interpro domain : IPR013781
  • The 'interpro' flag in the table indicates whether or not the gene adheres to all 3 constraints, or just to the top 2 constraints (see phylogenetic profile of the previous page.

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    gene_id species strand chr outlier interpro
    PT00G00480 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00490 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00500 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00510 ptr - scaffold_136 Yes false
    PT00G00520 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00530 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00540 ptr - scaffold_136 Yes false
    PT00G00560 ptr + scaffold_136 Yes false
    PT00G00570 ptr + scaffold_136 No false
    PT00G00720 ptr - scaffold_318 No false
    PT00G00730 ptr - scaffold_318 Yes false
    PT00G00740 ptr - scaffold_318 No false
    PT00G01870 ptr - scaffold_29 Yes false
    PT00G01880 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01890 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01910 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01920 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01930 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01940 ptr + scaffold_29 No false
    PT00G01950 ptr + scaffold_29 No false