Gene: AT5G67100 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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Gene Identifier
Transcript Identifier
Gene Type
Coding gene
5 : 26776994-26785104 : positive


Gene family
(18 genes in 16 species)
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DNA-directed DNA polymerases
Curated Summary
Encodes the putative catalytic subunit of the DNA polymerase alpha. Interacts with genes involved in chromatin-mediated cellular memory. ICU2 genetically interacts with TERMINAL FLOWER2, the ortholog of HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN1 of animals and yeasts, and with the Polycomb group (PcG) gene CURLY LEAF. A number of regulatory genes were derepressed in the icu2-1 mutant, including genes associated with flowering time, floral meristem, and floral organ identity. Mutant has curled, involute leaves and causes early flowering.
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Biological Process

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0000076IBAGene OntologyDNA replication checkpoint1
GO:0000731IBAGene OntologyDNA synthesis involved in DNA repair1
GO:0006269IBAGene OntologyDNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer1
GO:0006271IBAGene OntologyDNA strand elongation involved in DNA replication1
GO:0009910NASGene Ontologynegative regulation of flower development1
GO:0009965IMP, RCAGene Ontologyleaf morphogenesis1 2
GO:0000278RCAGene Ontologymitotic cell cycle1
GO:0000724RCAGene Ontologydouble-strand break repair via homologous recombination1
GO:0000911RCAGene Ontologycytokinesis by cell plate formation1
GO:0003002RCAGene Ontologyregionalization1
GO:0006260IEA, RCAUniProtDNA replication1 2
GO:0006261RCAGene OntologyDNA-dependent DNA replication1
GO:0006270RCAGene OntologyDNA replication initiation1
GO:0006275RCAGene Ontologyregulation of DNA replication1
GO:0006306RCAGene OntologyDNA methylation1
GO:0007155RCAGene Ontologycell adhesion1
GO:0008283RCAGene Ontologycell proliferation1
GO:0010090RCAGene Ontologytrichome morphogenesis1
GO:0010389RCAGene Ontologyregulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle1
GO:0033043RCAGene Ontologyregulation of organelle organization1
GO:0042023RCAGene OntologyDNA endoreduplication1
GO:0045010RCAGene Ontologyactin nucleation1
GO:0048449RCAGene Ontologyfloral organ formation1
GO:0051567RCAGene Ontologyhistone H3-K9 methylation1
GO:0051726RCAGene Ontologyregulation of cell cycle1
GO:0006139IEAInterPronucleobase-containing compound metabolic process

Molecular Function

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0003887IEA, IBA, ISS, TASUniProtDNA-directed DNA polymerase activity1 2 3 4
GO:0051539IEAUniProt4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding1
GO:0003677IEAUniProtDNA binding1
GO:0046872IEAUniProtmetal ion binding1
GO:0001882IEAUniProtnucleoside binding1
GO:0000166IEAUniProtnucleotide binding1
GO:0003676IEAInterPronucleic acid binding
GO:1901265IEAPLAZA Homologynucleoside phosphate bindingHOM03M005754

Cellular Component

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005634IEA, ISMUniProtnucleus1 2
GO:0005658IBAGene Ontologyalpha DNA polymerase:primase complex1

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InterPro Description
IPR004578DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B, pol2
IPR012337Ribonuclease H-like domain
IPR017964DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B, conserved site
IPR006134DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B, multifunctional domain
IPR023211DNA polymerase, palm domain
IPR006133DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B, exonuclease domain
IPR015088Zinc finger, DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B, alpha
IPR006172DNA-directed DNA polymerase, family B
IPR024647DNA polymerase alpha catalytic subunit, N-terminal domain

Mapman id Description
28.1DNA.synthesis/chromatin structure
No SignalP domains detected for this gene.