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Number of BLAST hits
4 genes are similar to PP00016G00940
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Gene ID Organism Gene Family Evalue Bitscore Alignment Length Identity Percentage
PP00016G00940 Physcomitrella patens HOM03M005249 ORTHO03M334195 2e-116 333 160 100.00
PP00068G00780 Physcomitrella patens HOM03M004204 ORTHO03M150078 9e-50 168 95 85.26
OSINDICA_02G56600 Oryza sativa ssp. indica HOM03M004204 ORTHO03M126765 2e-13 70.9 93 45.16
PP00145G00280 Physcomitrella patens HOM03M005249 ORTHO03M160162 1e-06 48.9 73 39.73