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gene_id species strand chr type
MA08G12140 mac - chr8 coding
MA07G23090 mac - chr7 coding
MA05G20500 mac - chr5 coding
MA07G23110 mac - chr7 coding
MA07G23100 mac - chr7 coding
MA11G07220 mac - chr11 coding
MA04G00060 mac + chr4 coding
MA11G11060 mac + chr11 coding
MA01G01990 mac + chr1 coding
MA11G11190 mac - chr11 coding
OL13G02700 olu + Chr_13 coding
OL21G00300 olu - Chr_21 coding
OL04G03170 olu + Chr_4 coding
OL03G00230 olu + Chr_3 coding
OL14G02730 olu - Chr_14 coding
OSINDICA_04G24390 osaindica + Chr04 coding
OSINDICA_02G29960 osaindica - Chr02 coding
OSINDICA_02G40340 osaindica + Chr02 coding
OSINDICA_08G41060 osaindica - Chr08 coding
OSINDICA_09G26830 osaindica - Chr09 coding

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