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gene_id species strand chr type
OS08G02354 osa - 8 coding
PP00314G00110 ppa - scaffold_314 coding
PP00245G00500 ppa - scaffold_245 coding
PP00253G00120 ppa - scaffold_253 coding
PP00017G01650 ppa + scaffold_17 coding
PP00225G00230 ppa + scaffold_225 coding
PP00158G00820 ppa + scaffold_158 coding
PT01G45570 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT01G41720 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT01G41710 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT09G10290 ptr - Chr09 coding
PT04G14170 ptr - Chr04 coding
PT11G13280 ptr + Chr11 coding
PT08G10060 ptr + Chr08 coding
PT01G14880 ptr + Chr01 coding
SB06G029400 sbi - chr_6 coding
SB07G001583 sbi - chr_7 coding
SI006G08290 sit + scaffold_6 coding
SI009G32690 sit + scaffold_9 coding
SI007G25510 sit - scaffold_7 coding

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