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gene_id species strand chr type
CP37530G00010 cpa - contig_37530 coding
CP00217G00050 cpa + supercontig_217 coding
CP01386G00010 cpa + supercontig_1386 coding
CP37896G00010 cpa + contig_37896 coding
CP42757G00010 cpa + contig_42757 coding
CP28289G00020 cpa - contig_28289 coding
CP00001G03560 cpa - supercontig_1 coding
CP00153G00030 cpa + supercontig_153 coding
CP00001G00890 cpa - supercontig_1 coding
CP00105G00180 cpa + supercontig_105 coding
CP00016G00680 cpa - supercontig_16 coding
CP00203G00070 cpa - supercontig_203 coding
CP00281G00050 cpa - supercontig_281 coding
CP46378G00010 cpa - contig_46378 coding
CP00135G00290 cpa + supercontig_135 coding
CP33197G00010 cpa + contig_33197 coding
CP00004G01880 cpa - supercontig_4 coding
CP00001G00700 cpa - supercontig_1 coding
CP00204G00030 cpa - supercontig_204 coding
CP00002G02650 cpa - supercontig_2 coding

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