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gene_id species strand chr type
PT15G14470 ptr - Chr15 coding
PT02G01280 ptr + Chr02 coding
PT17G03360 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT05G10290 ptr - Chr05 coding
PT15G14850 ptr + Chr15 coding
PT17G03490 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT17G11280 ptr - Chr17 coding
PT17G03510 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT17G13840 ptr - Chr17 coding
PT00G00890 ptr - scaffold_186 coding
PT00G00870 ptr - scaffold_186 coding
PT01G10590 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT10G05700 ptr + Chr10 coding
SB04G031010 sbi + chr_4 coding
SB10G010940 sbi - chr_10 coding
SB02G001050 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB02G001045 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB02G020270 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB07G002550 sbi - chr_7 coding
SB04G001460 sbi + chr_4 coding

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