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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00167G00490 ppa + scaffold_167 coding
PP00007G01680 ppa - scaffold_7 coding
PP00006G01160 ppa + scaffold_6 coding
PP00185G00280 ppa - scaffold_185 coding
PP00052G00450 ppa + scaffold_52 coding
PP00058G00790 ppa - scaffold_58 coding
PP00398G00070 ppa - scaffold_398 coding
PP00398G00140 ppa - scaffold_398 coding
PP00051G01110 ppa - scaffold_51 coding
PP00356G00160 ppa + scaffold_356 coding
PP00096G00980 ppa - scaffold_96 coding
PP00020G01630 ppa + scaffold_20 coding
PP00174G00300 ppa + scaffold_174 coding
PP00038G00290 ppa + scaffold_38 coding
PP00169G00260 ppa - scaffold_169 coding
PP00040G00170 ppa + scaffold_40 coding
PP00012G00270 ppa + scaffold_12 coding
PP00061G01260 ppa + scaffold_61 coding
PP00071G00510 ppa + scaffold_71 coding
PP00018G00220 ppa - scaffold_18 coding

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