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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00112G00930 ppa - scaffold_112 coding
PP00007G01660 ppa - scaffold_7 coding
PP00007G01310 ppa - scaffold_7 coding
PP01362G00010 ppa + scaffold_1362 coding
PP00014G01740 ppa - scaffold_14 coding
PP00065G01600 ppa + scaffold_65 coding
PP00087G00580 ppa - scaffold_87 coding
PP00118G00610 ppa + scaffold_118 coding
PP00163G00250 ppa + scaffold_163 coding
PT04G00500 ptr + Chr04 coding
PT03G11870 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT03G11850 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT00G01370 ptr - scaffold_20 coding
PT01G16730 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT06G07620 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT18G09440 ptr + Chr18 coding
PT01G11370 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT11G01070 ptr - Chr11 coding
PT03G06700 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT11G15540 ptr - Chr11 coding

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