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gene_id species strand chr type
CR03G01070 cre - chromosome_3 coding
CR17G02750 cre - chromosome_17 coding
CR07G04350 cre + chromosome_7 coding
CR17G08870 cre + chromosome_17 coding
CR02G00900 cre + chromosome_2 coding
CR13G05440 cre - chromosome_13 coding
HV40805G00010 hvu + contig_40805 coding
HV2548279G00010 hvu - contig_2548279 coding
HV1562713G00010 hvu + contig_1562713 coding
HV47824G00010 hvu - contig_47824 coding
HV41676G00020 hvu + contig_41676 coding
HV135717G00010 hvu + contig_135717 coding
HV275079G00010 hvu + contig_275079 coding
HV64640G00010 hvu - contig_64640 coding
HV243621G00010 hvu - contig_243621 coding
HV66267G00010 hvu - contig_66267 coding
HV47654G00010 hvu + contig_47654 coding
HV49190G00010 hvu - contig_49190 coding
HV37829G00010 hvu + contig_37829 coding
MA01G03230 mac + chr1 coding

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