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gene_id species strand chr type
MA09G28430 mac + chr9 coding
MA07G22150 mac + chr7 coding
MA00G20530 mac + chrUn_random coding
MA05G28360 mac + chr5 coding
MA10G13090 mac + chr10 coding
MA08G26260 mac + chr8 coding
MA08G22080 mac - chr8 coding
MA10G31230 mac + chr10 coding
MA06G33050 mac + chr6 coding
MA03G11370 mac - chr3 coding
MA03G09580 mac + chr3 coding
MA06G23950 mac - chr6 coding
MA09G17520 mac - chr9 coding
MA02G11740 mac - chr2 coding
MA11G25860 mac - chr11 coding
MA08G17620 mac + chr8 coding
MA06G16320 mac - chr6 coding
OL20G02760 olu - Chr_20 coding
OSINDICA_07G10670 osaindica + Chr07 coding
OSINDICA_07G14940 osaindica + Chr07 coding

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