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gene_id species strand chr type
OS03G29950 osa + 3 coding
PP00051G01280 ppa + scaffold_51 coding
PP00059G01170 ppa + scaffold_59 coding
PP00192G00140 ppa - scaffold_192 coding
PP00338G00330 ppa - scaffold_338 coding
PP00031G00750 ppa - scaffold_31 coding
PP00222G00540 ppa - scaffold_222 coding
PP00073G00990 ppa + scaffold_73 coding
PP00036G00590 ppa - scaffold_36 coding
PP00136G00910 ppa + scaffold_136 coding
PT14G16680 ptr - Chr14 coding
PT17G07020 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT13G00520 ptr + Chr13 coding
PT01G05990 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT05G00590 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT03G16800 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT01G33740 ptr - Chr01 coding
SB06G003160 sbi + chr_6 coding
SB01G037060 sbi + chr_1 coding
SI007G14920 sit + scaffold_7 coding

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