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gene_id species strand chr type
BD2G24450 bdi + Bd2 coding
BD3G09290 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD1G08060 bdi - Bd1 coding
BD3G57510 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD1G46260 bdi + Bd1 coding
BD1G13740 bdi - Bd1 coding
BD2G50260 bdi + Bd2 coding
BD2G57697 bdi + Bd2 coding
BD3G47900 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD3G09550 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD5G18080 bdi + Bd5 coding
BD3G53747 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD2G45170 bdi - Bd2 coding
BD2G06750 bdi - Bd2 coding
BD4G00290 bdi - Bd4 coding
BD4G37740 bdi + Bd4 coding
BD1G78010 bdi - Bd1 coding
BD5G23700 bdi + Bd5 coding
BD1G44357 bdi + Bd1 coding
BD1G44317 bdi + Bd1 coding

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