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gene_id species strand chr type
MA08G33960 mac - chr8 coding
MA08G25000 mac + chr8 coding
MA07G20990 mac - chr7 coding
OSINDICA_04G35530 osaindica - Chr04 coding
OSINDICA_04G35520 osaindica - Chr04 coding
OSINDICA_06G19300 osaindica - Chr06 coding
OSINDICA_11G32600 osaindica + Chr11 coding
OSINDICA_00G19910 osaindica - Scaffold027061 coding
OSINDICA_09G25270 osaindica - Chr09 coding
OSINDICA_00G32360 osaindica + Scaffold021906 coding
OSINDICA_09G25300 osaindica - Chr09 coding
OSINDICA_05G26700 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G26670 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G26660 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G26750 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G26790 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G28520 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_05G28510 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_09G27060 osaindica - Chr09 coding
OSINDICA_01G63820 osaindica + Chr01 coding

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