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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00005G01140 ppa - scaffold_5 coding
PP00035G00710 ppa - scaffold_35 coding
PP00275G00020 ppa + scaffold_275 coding
PP00266G00060 ppa - scaffold_266 coding
PP00335G00390 ppa + scaffold_335 coding
PP00022G02230 ppa - scaffold_22 coding
PT02G11190 ptr + Chr02 coding
PT09G08510 ptr - Chr09 coding
PT09G04020 ptr - Chr09 coding
PT12G04760 ptr - Chr12 coding
PT09G06710 ptr + Chr09 coding
PT09G06720 ptr + Chr09 coding
PT02G02180 ptr + Chr02 coding
PT11G16250 ptr + Chr11 coding
PT03G12540 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT03G12680 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT16G03320 ptr + Chr16 coding
PT06G09500 ptr - Chr06 coding
PT01G35950 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT01G27280 ptr + Chr01 coding

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