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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00109G00120 ppa - scaffold_109 coding
PP00089G00810 ppa - scaffold_89 coding
PP00010G00110 ppa + scaffold_10 coding
PP00085G00830 ppa - scaffold_85 coding
PP00085G00760 ppa - scaffold_85 coding
PP00341G00070 ppa + scaffold_341 coding
PP00085G00770 ppa + scaffold_85 coding
PP00341G00090 ppa - scaffold_341 coding
PP00093G00690 ppa - scaffold_93 coding
PP00087G00810 ppa + scaffold_87 coding
PP00070G00900 ppa + scaffold_70 coding
PP00234G00070 ppa + scaffold_234 coding
PP00252G00310 ppa - scaffold_252 coding
PP00252G00350 ppa - scaffold_252 coding
PP00215G00270 ppa + scaffold_215 coding
PP00131G00060 ppa + scaffold_131 coding
PP00215G00280 ppa - scaffold_215 coding
PP00080G00350 ppa - scaffold_80 coding
PP00315G00250 ppa - scaffold_315 coding
PP00218G00030 ppa - scaffold_218 coding

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