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gene_id species strand chr type
CP00073G00060 cpa + supercontig_73 coding
CP00080G00590 cpa - supercontig_80 coding
CP00090G00150 cpa + supercontig_90 coding
CP00090G00160 cpa + supercontig_90 coding
CP00122G00250 cpa + supercontig_122 coding
CP00021G01620 cpa + supercontig_21 coding
CP00009G00470 cpa - supercontig_9 coding
CP00009G02690 cpa + supercontig_9 coding
CP00004G01190 cpa + supercontig_4 coding
CP00183G00210 cpa + supercontig_183 coding
CP00052G00760 cpa - supercontig_52 coding
CP00001G03780 cpa - supercontig_1 coding
CP00097G00940 cpa - supercontig_97 coding
CP00023G00940 cpa + supercontig_23 coding
CP00190G00050 cpa + supercontig_190 coding
CP00003G00420 cpa + supercontig_3 coding
CP00161G00220 cpa - supercontig_161 coding
CP00062G01080 cpa + supercontig_62 coding
CP00085G01030 cpa - supercontig_85 coding
CP00006G01800 cpa - supercontig_6 coding

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