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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00101G00390 ppa - scaffold_101 coding
PP00438G00120 ppa - scaffold_438 coding
PP00069G00940 ppa + scaffold_69 coding
PP00221G00190 ppa + scaffold_221 coding
PP00183G00380 ppa + scaffold_183 coding
PP00083G00590 ppa - scaffold_83 coding
PPMG00600 ppa + mitochondrial coding
PP00013G00700 ppa - scaffold_13 coding
PP00126G00570 ppa + scaffold_126 coding
PP00126G00590 ppa - scaffold_126 coding
PP00334G00200 ppa + scaffold_334 coding
PP00462G00080 ppa + scaffold_462 coding
PP00059G00250 ppa - scaffold_59 coding
PP00144G00210 ppa - scaffold_144 coding
PP00021G02040 ppa + scaffold_21 coding
PP00056G01150 ppa + scaffold_56 coding
PP00024G00450 ppa - scaffold_24 coding
PP00059G00630 ppa + scaffold_59 coding
PP00335G00220 ppa + scaffold_335 coding
PT08G09200 ptr - Chr08 coding

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