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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00030G01490 ppa - scaffold_30 coding
PP00114G00520 ppa + scaffold_114 coding
PP00069G00740 ppa + scaffold_69 coding
PP00426G00060 ppa + scaffold_426 coding
PP00073G00970 ppa + scaffold_73 coding
PP00045G00270 ppa + scaffold_45 coding
PP00044G01270 ppa - scaffold_44 coding
PP00057G00740 ppa - scaffold_57 coding
PP00079G00600 ppa - scaffold_79 coding
PP00211G00570 ppa + scaffold_211 coding
PP00061G00550 ppa + scaffold_61 coding
PT01G11100 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT01G23480 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT03G12100 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT18G07170 ptr + Chr18 coding
PT18G07360 ptr + Chr18 coding
PT01G37080 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT06G27070 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT14G07750 ptr + Chr14 coding
PT16G13910 ptr + Chr16 coding

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