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gene_id species strand chr type
CP00036G00690 cpa + supercontig_36 coding
CP00058G01080 cpa + supercontig_58 coding
CP00066G00750 cpa + supercontig_66 coding
CP39307G00010 cpa + contig_39307 coding
CP29302G00020 cpa + contig_29302 coding
CP00347G00010 cpa + supercontig_347 coding
CP01465G00010 cpa - supercontig_1465 coding
CP00012G01270 cpa - supercontig_12 coding
CP00005G02360 cpa + supercontig_5 coding
CP00099G00370 cpa + supercontig_99 coding
CP00138G00200 cpa - supercontig_138 coding
CP27553G00020 cpa + contig_27553 coding
CP00106G00090 cpa - supercontig_106 coding
CP00106G00080 cpa + supercontig_106 coding
CP01450G00010 cpa - supercontig_1450 coding
CP00006G01080 cpa + supercontig_6 coding
CP00006G01670 cpa + supercontig_6 coding
CP00038G00640 cpa + supercontig_38 coding
CP00012G00780 cpa - supercontig_12 coding
CP00002G01750 cpa - supercontig_2 coding

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