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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00038G00860 ppa + scaffold_38 coding
PP00240G00160 ppa + scaffold_240 coding
PP00003G01740 ppa - scaffold_3 coding
PP00043G01000 ppa - scaffold_43 coding
PP00013G00710 ppa + scaffold_13 coding
PP00039G01850 ppa + scaffold_39 coding
PP00025G01770 ppa + scaffold_25 coding
PP00068G01340 ppa - scaffold_68 coding
PP03509G00010 ppa + scaffold_3509 coding
PT03G19850 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT09G06170 ptr - Chr09 coding
PT14G18680 ptr - Chr14 coding
PT14G18840 ptr + Chr14 coding
PT12G14560 ptr - Chr12 coding
PT14G16910 ptr - Chr14 coding
PT08G06950 ptr + Chr08 coding
PT06G10050 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT01G18210 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT02G04570 ptr + Chr02 coding
PT16G11640 ptr + Chr16 coding

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