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gene_id species strand chr type
OL06G04140 olu - Chr_6 coding
OSINDICA_07G06740 osaindica - Chr07 coding
OSINDICA_04G31230 osaindica - Chr04 coding
OSINDICA_03G13440 osaindica - Chr03 coding
OSINDICA_09G05640 osaindica - Chr09 coding
OSINDICA_07G00020 osaindica - Chr07 coding
OSINDICA_00G00260 osaindica + Scaffold019489 coding
OSINDICA_01G36450 osaindica - Chr01 coding
OSINDICA_08G21610 osaindica + Chr08 coding
OSINDICA_02G15490 osaindica + Chr02 coding
OSINDICA_00G20900 osaindica - Scaffold016501 coding
OSINDICA_03G06350 osaindica + Chr03 coding
OSINDICA_10G06130 osaindica - Chr10 coding
OSINDICA_00G28630 osaindica - Scaffold016044 coding
OSINDICA_00G38110 osaindica + Scaffold026181 coding
OSINDICA_00G31010 osaindica - Supscaffold116 coding
OSINDICA_03G55630 osaindica - Chr03 coding
OSINDICA_03G55660 osaindica - Chr03 coding
OSINDICA_03G55680 osaindica - Chr03 coding
OSINDICA_03G55690 osaindica - Chr03 coding

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