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gene_id species strand chr type
BD2G46477 bdi + Bd2 coding
BD4G37490 bdi + Bd4 coding
BD4G29240 bdi - Bd4 coding
BD5G26930 bdi - Bd5 coding
BD3G00670 bdi + Bd3 coding
BD1G33610 bdi - Bd1 coding
CP00094G00700 cpa - supercontig_94 coding
CP00140G00290 cpa + supercontig_140 coding
CP00140G00280 cpa + supercontig_140 coding
CP01627G00010 cpa + supercontig_1627 coding
CP00075G01030 cpa + supercontig_75 coding
CP00034G01520 cpa + supercontig_34 coding
CP00004G00180 cpa - supercontig_4 coding
CP00056G00440 cpa + supercontig_56 coding
CP00083G00300 cpa + supercontig_83 coding
CP34050G00010 cpa - contig_34050 coding
CP00023G00480 cpa - supercontig_23 coding
CP00483G00020 cpa + supercontig_483 coding
CP34911G00010 cpa - contig_34911 coding
CP00043G00600 cpa - supercontig_43 coding

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