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gene_id species strand chr type
CP00029G00420 cpa - supercontig_29 coding
CP01497G00010 cpa - supercontig_1497 coding
CP00029G00240 cpa + supercontig_29 coding
CP00032G00940 cpa - supercontig_32 coding
CP00037G01480 cpa - supercontig_37 coding
CP00021G01140 cpa + supercontig_21 coding
CP00005G00460 cpa + supercontig_5 coding
CP00285G00090 cpa - supercontig_285 coding
CP00027G02020 cpa - supercontig_27 coding
CP00413G00060 cpa - supercontig_413 coding
CP00413G00050 cpa - supercontig_413 coding
CP00413G00020 cpa - supercontig_413 coding
CP00413G00010 cpa + supercontig_413 coding
CP00021G01780 cpa + supercontig_21 coding
CP00028G00230 cpa - supercontig_28 coding
CP00025G01320 cpa - supercontig_25 coding
CP00006G00540 cpa + supercontig_6 coding
CP00173G00460 cpa - supercontig_173 coding
CP00066G00440 cpa + supercontig_66 coding
CP00012G01000 cpa + supercontig_12 coding

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