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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00187G00290 ppa - scaffold_187 coding
PP00266G00300 ppa - scaffold_266 coding
PP00117G00550 ppa + scaffold_117 coding
PP00073G00820 ppa + scaffold_73 coding
PP00002G02570 ppa + scaffold_2 coding
PP11268G00010 ppa + scaffold_11268 coding
PP00006G01920 ppa + scaffold_6 coding
PP00045G00560 ppa + scaffold_45 coding
PP00138G00440 ppa - scaffold_138 coding
PP00138G00520 ppa - scaffold_138 coding
PP00129G00560 ppa + scaffold_129 coding
PT17G07980 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT09G15250 ptr + Chr09 coding
PT03G11350 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT13G12370 ptr - Chr13 coding
PT06G19060 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT05G09810 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT01G30530 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT00G15560 ptr - scaffold_463 coding
PT06G05300 ptr - Chr06 coding

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