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gene_id species strand chr type
CR01G01430 cre + chromosome_1 coding
CR13G00730 cre - chromosome_13 coding
CR02G00730 cre - chromosome_2 coding
CR03G07220 cre - chromosome_3 coding
HV1581953G00010 hvu + contig_1581953 coding
HV246308G00010 hvu - contig_246308 coding
HV203802G00010 hvu - contig_203802 coding
HV41241G00010 hvu - contig_41241 coding
HV346502G00010 hvu - contig_346502 coding
HV38722G00010 hvu - contig_38722 coding
HV130622G00010 hvu + contig_130622 coding
HV102535G00010 hvu - contig_102535 coding
HV41008G00010 hvu + contig_41008 coding
HV2546945G00010 hvu + contig_2546945 coding
HV240232G00010 hvu + contig_240232 coding
HV1571244G00010 hvu - contig_1571244 coding
HV283546G00010 hvu - contig_283546 coding
HV263642G00010 hvu + contig_263642 coding
MA03G07330 mac + chr3 coding
MA07G15080 mac + chr7 coding

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