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gene_id species strand chr type
PT03G04490 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT02G08010 ptr + Chr02 coding
PT04G06170 ptr + Chr04 coding
PT04G23030 ptr - Chr04 coding
PT15G08810 ptr + Chr15 coding
PT07G02290 ptr - Chr07 coding
PT11G02380 ptr + Chr11 coding
SB02G030910 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB04G034710 sbi - chr_4 coding
SB01G045530 sbi - chr_1 coding
SB03G033660 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB05G022200 sbi + chr_5 coding
SB04G030580 sbi + chr_4 coding
SB06G025740 sbi + chr_6 coding
SB03G036320 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB07G002080 sbi + chr_7 coding
SB08G004780 sbi + chr_8 coding
SB06G020470 sbi + chr_6 coding
SI005G31310 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI007G14740 sit + scaffold_7 coding

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